Security from the Hardware Up

Advanced hardware cybersecurity solutions for computing systems that start with the Root of Trust (RoT).

Kameleon’s Proactive Security Processing Unit (ProSPUTM) is the first Open Compute Project-compliant cyber protection chip that enforces security at all system levels.

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Trusted by Market Leaders

“Kameleon’s participation in the OCP Security Work Group has been instrumental in the success of RoT guidelines being developed, establishing the baseline principles and driving innovation.”

Archna Haylock Chief Community Officer

“Kameleon unique and innovative approach not only protects systems at boot, but it also uses the power of our industry-leading FPGAs to protect systems at runtime.”

Sina Soltani VP Worldwide Sales

“Kameleon is on a mission to strengthen the foundations of computing systems to enable a secure digital world. They are doing this by introducing an architectural paradigm shift that tightly interconnects hardware and software in terms of security.”

Nir Adler General Partner

Use Cases

Root of Trust

Establishes RoT from the very first boot process to create trust anchor and system identity that can’t be accessed from the CPU

  • Secure boot and peripherals attestation
  • Secure firmware updates and platform recovery
  • User-defined security policies

Runtime Protection

Isolated runtime environment proactively provides dynamic protection for computing systems while applications are running

  • Detect & block malicious activity
  • Moving Target Defense
  • OS integrity checks

A Paradigm Shift in Security Infrastructure

Security built in, not bolted on: Kameleon’s ProSPUTM is built directly into a
system’s hardware as a dedicated security processor separate from the CPU that enforces security through
the stack and during the system’s entire lifecycle.

Immutable Infrastructure: Hardware isolated security defenses prevent attackers
from disabling firmware updates or accessing keys and encrypted data.

Patented ProSPU Sets a New Bar for Security

Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant solution
Best-of-breed firmware security
Open and transparent architecture
Ideal for datacenters & cloud computing
Customizable security policies
Cross-platform solution supporting Intel, AMD and ARM

Critical Security Capabilities

Moving Target Defense
Platform and peripheral attestation
Key management and crypto services with keys protected in hardware
Supports rich ecosystem of third-party security applications
OS kernel integrity validation
Unclonable hardware-based system identity

See Kameleon RoT In Action

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Why Kameleon?

Secure Hardware Infrastructure – Dynamic protection

Traditional security methods like antivirus, anti-malware, and exploit prevention technologies all run on the same system they are protecting, thereby exposing them to attackers. Kameleon’s solution is a unique, isolated security architecture that moves security outside of the system it protects to ensure data and defenses are never accessible or even visible to attackers.

Save crucial system resources. Kameleon delivers top notch security promise without compromising system performance.