Cloud Service Providers

Secure Cloud Infrastructure to increase customer trust

Kameleon’s ProSPU™ is your safety net against the unknown.
Cloud is now the default model of computing for organizations, putting more users and critical data on these technologies. And it is under attack. Attack vectors such as Zero Day and ransomware can threaten cloud infrastructure, disrupt server availability, and compromise complete system identities. Supply-chain attacks, such as SolarWinds and Kaseya, can cause damage through third-party management software, creating a significant threat to CSPs. Just one of these breaches could be catastrophic and cost millions.

Protect your cloud foundation before the breach even happens and get real-time visibility of your hardware.  The ProSPU™ protects your cloud foundations allowing you to secure customers’ highly sensitive workloads and transactions including 3rd party code, bare metal scenarios, and high-risk code that changes oftenly.  The ProSPU also integrates into 3rd party security monitoring apps to detect runtime attacks and breach attempts with hardware-level visibility.


Server OEMs

Unparalleled, Trustworthy Protection for Servers

Attacks on servers are getting more tenacious and sophisticated all the time. Increasingly advanced, hackers are using attack vectors such as FinFisher and DarkRadiation to target lower layers of the server stack such as the firmware. Customers are demanding better protection.

Kameleon’s ProSPU™ isolates security defenses from the attackers and by design creates an architectural advantage for security applications, preventing attackers from firmware tampering and persistent attacks such as DDoS, DNS Server hijacking, DNS amplification, Man-in-the-Middle, and others.

Kameleon’s ProSPU™ allows you to help your data center customer gain more trust from their end-customers with a differentiated platform that runs on your own equipment, authenticated with a unique, unclonable hardware identity that doesn’t compromise system performance.